"My journey with On Root started in March 2020 but I feel I have gained a mentor for life. The pictures speak for themselves however it is important to note that what On Root managed to do with me goes beyond the physical. I came to On Root whilst in a place of self-negligence, both mental and physical and over the past few months Tamara helped me adapt my lifestyle, diet and in turn mental strength to be the best possible version of myself. I am forever indebted to On Root for the knowledge and advice I was given about natural medicine and thinking outside the box. I cannot wait for the rest of my life…"



I'm so happy I met with Tamara to discuss how I could enhance my diet to suit my lifestyle. She pinpointed ways in which my diet could change for the better, and the simple adjustments she recommended have made noticeable improvements to my health and overall quality of life. Following her advice has made me feel more energetic, productive and fully able to concentrate on everything I want to do. Tamara clearly has a natural intuition for what she does and couldn't have been more supportive and understanding. I only wish I could have gotten her advice sooner!